So, now I’m a podcaster!

It’s been while coming but I started a podcast with Nick Swan about bootstrapping businesses, Britstrapped. We’re now 7 episodes in and so far things are going well!

After about 3 episodes, we managed to sort out the audio (flicking the right switch helped!) and seem to be ending up with episodes between 40 to 50 minutes. I look after the editing which is fairly straightforward using Audacity – I’ve only messed it up once.

I say it’s been a while, we’ve been talking about it for literally years. I’m not sure what finally kicked us into action but, it’s out there now, and I’m enjoying it. The best thing is the accountability it gives me. Knowing that I have to give an update every week on what Ive been working on is a real motivator to actually get something done.

You can listen here:

Any feeback gratefully received!


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