Joined-up Data Income Report

This is the first ‘income’ report for my latest venture, Joined-up Data. The quotes around the word income may give the game away but the numbers below don’t lie, expenses far outweigh income. In fact, with just one sale, it could be construed as depressing reading.

The thing is, it’s very early days. I had been working on the product based on an idea I had and some very basic research to indicate that there may be a market. I then read Dan Norris’ book ‘The 7 Day Startup’ and decided that I could (and should) put a site up and turn the idea into a productised service. The aim was to try and validate the market by gaining customers for the service and, if it worked out, finish building the product. One customer is hardly validation but I think there’s enough promise to keep going a while longer.

Here are the numbers. It covers the period from some time in October 2014 to the end of January 2015.


  • £7.03 : SSL Certificate
  • £29.40 : Stock images
  • £364.22 : Google Ads
  • £142.17 : LinkedIn Ads
  • £58.93 : Subcontractor (design to WordPress theme)

Total: £601.75


  • £29.30 : 1 Sale

What next?

I’m working on narrowing the potential market to a niche that I could target more easily with relevant ads and content marketing. This involves a fair amount of leg work (cold calls, eugh…) but mainly involves my time so expenses should be at a minimum, at least for little while.

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