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Choosing my future customers

When we think about starting a business or moving from a services business to a product business, it’s very common to start with an idea for a product. That’s what I’ve done for years – with a success rate of exactly 0. Over the years I’ve picked up on ‘the right’ way to do it […]

Working on what you love as a way of taking a break

I’ve been taking it easy for a while on the bootstrapped product front. Basically, since I decided to stop working on Joined-up Data, I’ve been through some ups and downs. It started with a bit of a down, thinking about another failure to add to the list and how I’m back to square one all […]

Is this the end for Joined-up Data?

I’ve been struggling for a few weeks working on my current project, Joined-up Data. Despite putting in a fair amount of effort, it’s been increasingly looking like there isn’t enough of a market or, at least, a clearly accessible market for the product in it’s current guise. I can see why I’ve ended up here […]

Joined-up Data Income Report

This is the first ‘income’ report for my latest venture, Joined-up Data. The quotes around the word income may give the game away but the numbers below don’t lie, expenses far outweigh income. In fact, with just one sale, it could be construed as depressing reading. The thing is, it’s very early days. I had […]

So, now I’m a podcaster!

It’s been while coming but I started a podcast with Nick Swan about bootstrapping businesses, Britstrapped. We’re now 7 episodes in and so far things are going well! After about 3 episodes, we managed to sort out the audio (flicking the right switch helped!) and seem to be ending up with episodes between 40 to […]

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